B130 Android Auto not working (works with real 130)

As in 129 it doesn’t show in the list of applications

I don’t think we control that area, so something else is happening. Here is what I’ve found, can you try that ?
Find apps missing from the app launcher - Android Auto Help.

ARC isn’t disabled.

Are you using APK to install or get builds through Play Store ?

I’m googling this sort of issue and there are obviously complaints about Android Auto on Android 12, plus there are complaints related to Samsung phones ( but nothing about pixel phones).

This is kinda obvious, but this is the best I can suggest:

  • Make sure you are running the latest Android Auto, if not - update
  • Try to clean storage for both apps ( it should delete their DB and resolve any temp glitch) - but be aware that will erase whatever custom settings you’ve created.
  • Restart the phone

I’m on Android 13 so not sure if it’s really relevant but I will have a go tomorrow.

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Done it now and it still isn’t showing up.
Maybe ask Google?

Solved with real 130 thanks to @BeersOnMe


Working great for me!