B130 ARC doesn't solve android playback errors [Investigating]

Hello to all.

I have posted earlier in December of last year, that for me, ARC (Android) stops playing at the end of each streamed Tidal or Qobuz track (spinning circle until eventually a “playback error”), if Cellular is set to lossy formats (balanced, balanced optimized or auto). This doesn’t happen on high quality formats (original format or CD quality) or any quality formats with streamed local files.

If I force skip to the next track, it sometimes works, other times I get the playback error message.

Unfortunately, ARC 130 doesn’t alter the situation.

I never got any feedback from Roon Labs support, and I even filled a ticket, with no response either.

It would be nice to have some sort of feedback from Roon Labs official support.

I have no Roon Core (Intel NUC running Rock, i7 w/ 16 Gbs) connection issues.

Does anyone have a similar issue?


Hello @Pedro_Matos !
Thanks for reporting!
Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce this issue on my end. Do you have this problem even with a WiFi connection, or only on Cellular?

Thank you.

Also, could you reproduce the issue and let us know the timestamp when the issue was reproduced so we can investigate the logs?

Thank you!


Thanks for replying.

Yes. It happens in both Wifi and Cellular, if set to anything “below” CD Quality (lossy formats), and only in streams from Tidal or Qobuz. It doesn’t happen with downloads or streams from my music.

This happens on my Galaxy Note 8 (Android 9).
This doesn’t happen on a Galaxy A32 (Android 12).
This doesn’t happen on a Oppo A53s (Android 11).

Thanks in advance.

Could you please tell me how to do that? (timestamp?)

Hi, @Pedro_Matos, thank you for your reply. By “timestamp” we mean “your local time when you reproduced the issue”.




just reproduced it:

12:09 pm - Wifi set to balanced - spinning circle for a few seconds and then “poor connection” message.
12:10 pm - Cellular set to balanced - spinning circle for a few seconds and then “poor connection” message.

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Good morning @ivan

Were you able to understand the issue?


Hi, @Pedro_Matos, we passed the data to our dev team. At this point it our theory is that it might be related to the specific version of Android 8 your device has. We will try to reproduce it locally.

Sorry for the delay!


Investigation ticket – ROON-5509


It’s Android 9.0 - NOT 8.0.

Besides, my post “Roon Arc - stops playing on Qobuz / Tidal lossy formats (balanced / balanced optimized)”, had a reply from @Karl_Piplies, 3 days ago, who stated “I get the same issue, I’ve also suspected its about Android 9.0, this should confirm it.” - so, it has been reported elsewhere, on a phone running Android 9.0, besides my own.

Sorry, yes there was a typo in my post, I meant Android 9.


Investigation ticket – ROON-5509

You’re just letting me know that there is an investigation ticket, correct?
Because I can’t access that link.

That’s for our support team, sorry.


Good morning Ivan. Never got back from support. Has the issue been identified?

Hi! Sorry for the delay, @Pedro_Matos. The problem is that this issue is likely OS Version specific, but we could not reproduce it on a simulator. At the moment we are still looking for a way to replicate it locally.

Apologies for the trouble.