B132 ARC Android Auto Impressions

I would also like to give some remarks.
Roon Core on Notebook
Huawei P20 Pro
Dynavon N7V7pro car radio

For me the B130 Version worked better than the B132 with Android Auto. With the B132 the system hangs when accessing the album or the artists folder. This was working (a bit slow) in the B130.
In the overview window it is very unlikely to see the cover art at.

Running B132 and I’m very happy with the AA app.
Concerning the art work I noticed that it is built up bottom up. And it takes very, very long to finalize.
Music streaming works very well.
Would be great if My live radio gets included in ARC.

No luck getting ARC to show up in Android Auto in our 2018 Volvo XC60 and 2019 S60. In both cases, I tested with a USB-connected Google Pixel 7 Pro. No issues using USB Audio Player PRO, Qobuz, and TIDAL apps via Android Auto over the same USB connection.

I did try starting the ARC app on my phone before connecting the USB cable. Didn’t help. I can initiate playback of music in ARC on my USB-connected phone and hear it in my car. However, album art shown on my car’s console is not from Roon. It’s whatever I was previously listening to via Qobuz. If I attempt to use the car’s skip/pause/play controls, ARC playback stops and Qobuz takes over.

Meanwhile, USB Audio Player PRO and TIDAL work as expected. I have not yet tried to completely uninstall and reinstall the ARC app. Is that what’s next?