B132 ARC Android Auto Impressions

Impressions after using it in 4g for about 30 minutes:

  1. in the search by artist I can only search from A to D.

  2. the covers compared to the previous version are displayed but in low resolution.

  3. the possibility of seeing the latest additions to the library is missing from the home page.

In any case, the improvements can be seen :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Samsung S10 Lite - Android 13

For the resolution of the covers, loading speed and complete reading of the artists, I take Plexamp as a reference, which I deeply hate.
Arc like quality is much better for my ears. :heart:

Just to report again that ARC does not appear my Android Auto menu.

Pixel 6a phone
Android 13
2022 Ford Bronco Sport
Arc 1.0 (132)

Android Auto does function as it shows and properly plays:
Black Player
Media Monkey
BBC Sounds
among others

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Hello again,

my two major findings from B130 remain with B132:
Seaching for “Artists”: Only Artists “123 - C” are shown and when I go to any of these shown artists, only some of the albums are shown …

and the Roon ARC App with AA on my Canton stereo in my skoda sedan is much quieter than the official qobuz app with the same music played. I have to increase the volume to 30-40% to achieve equal volume.

Phone is a Samsung Galaxy 8+ with LineageOS 19.1 and Gapps and the car is a 2020 Skoda Octavia RS sedan with Columbus radio and Canton sound system.


a short feedback after a first use of build 132:

  • low res cover on Now Playing screen (ok in older builds)

Samsung S9+ Android 10

Hello guys!
Thanks for your report!
In terms of researching this problem, I would ask you a few questions:
@Michele-User, @Daniele_Piancastelli What is your connection type (Bluetooth\wired) and what is your car brand?
@Stan_Jones What is your connection type? Bluetooth or wired?

  1. Is there a connection to the Core, or is ARC in Offline mode?

This information may help us in our investigation of this problem.

Thank you!

Tried Android Auto for the first time ever today.

Roon ARC showed up and played a Qobuz album. Playback was faultless, but I did notice that not all of the tracks showed their playing in realtime. In fullscreen, the time played/track time showed as 00:00/xx:xx constantly, and on the smaller screen the timing ring never registered playback progress.

Surface Duo 2 (Android 12) > Skoda Enyaq iV 80, with version 3.00 of the auto’s software.

Also, guys, I understand that my request may make you smile)
Please try to start ARC from scratch on your device and try to reconnect to your Android Auto

Thank you!

Volkswagen Golf 2018, connected via usb and connected to core (ROCK on NUC7i5)

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Toyota Yaris 2020 connected via bluetooth with the aawireless dongle

ARC was connected to the core during testing

In response to your questions andrew.v

Android Auto seems to require a wired connection and that is when ARC does not appear (but other apps do). I use ARC with Bluetooth but then everything must be controlled from the phone itself. I can play ARC when connected by wire but again only if controlled from the phone itself, not from the head unit as with other apps.

ARC is connected by wireless to the core and as noted does play just fine via Bluetooth.

I don’t see any difference between B130 & B132. I could repeat all the previous observations:

It doesn’t change anything beside the localization issues that I reported previously.

I agree on the ‘start from scratch’ suggestion. I was having unusable scrolling/loading issues with ARC in later versions - and continually updating to the latest version did not help. I full deletion and reinstallation of ARC fixed it for me at the time.
As for current ARC AA issues - in the latest B132 - my cover art is super low res both in the now playing screen and in the sidebar screen in AA Coolwalk (prev was ok in the now playing). Playback and connection are similar and workable.

What did you mean by “start from scratch and try to reconnect”?
Reinstallation or start of ARC before connection to AA?

Deinstall and reinstall ARC

I’ve reinstalled ARC (what’s extremely painful as I’ll now spend 3 days on resuming album downloads that keep constantly pausing and stopping…).

Unfortunately I don’t see any difference in ARC behavior both standalone and in Android Auto :frowning:


I did a fresh installation but the reported issues are the same

Hello team,
First of all, congratulations on the huge progress leap made so far on Roon 2.0 and ARC, I’ve recently totally fell in love with Roon thanks to this!

Some remarks on the lates beta (B130)
Phone: Google Pixel 6a (With all latest updates)
Android Auto on phone: Build 8.7.630214
Android Auto on BMW x5 45e (2021)
ARC: Build 100132

The good:
Was able to get the ARC on my car screen via android auto, initial loading was hanging but once it started after ± 1 minute all became very stable and fluid.
Scrolling and starting playlists and albums works as a charm, sound quality was excellent as usual.

The bad:
Album art is missing in album and playlist overview
Once a playlist or album is selected low res album art is being displayed

The Really bad:
I’ve noticed whenever my GPS is giving instructions, or whenever I receive a speedtrap warning, etc… the music comes to a full stop (takes second after the message to continue again too) instead of just lowering the volume.
I seem to remember early version of Spotify used to have this same behavior, but now whenever I am listening to Spotify or Tidal via AA the sounds gently moves to lower volume while there are other messages coming into the system.
In my opinion this is quite crucial for the in car experience! In morning traffic there are almost every 5 minutes some messages about traffic jams, speedtraps, etc… and the music coming to an abrupt stop for each message is really killing the experience for me.

Is this music coming to a full stop as designed or should the sound normally fade to lower volume when messages come in?

Anyway, thanks for everything and don’t hesitate to ask questions for tests, it’s the least we can do to help you guys and girls with the development :slight_smile:

Thanks Geoff, can you please clarify what you mean by “fullscreen” vs “smaller screen” are you talking about two separate displays in your car?

The version of Android Auto that I have splits the touchscreen of the Enyaq into two display zones, one 1/3 of the screen width and one 2/3 of the screen width. I can swap (for example) the display of Google Maps and Roon ARC between these two zones. That’s what I meant by fullscreen and smaller screen - not quite accurate, I’m afraid; I should have said larger and smaller…

The new “coolwalk” interface of android auto