B130 ARC - Android Auto

Without Core connection:

  1. Artists folder disappeared
  2. Albums are listed in strange order (don’t understand logic behind)
  3. Only downloaded albums are being displayed (great improvement over B129)

While connected to Core:

  1. When I browse Artists and select Az (to filter by first letter) only letters A-K are active, all further are inactive. It looks like only part of the Artis list is being retrieved underneath.
    With Albums list that works fine (all letters possible to select)
  2. While browsing Albums/Artists there is no tag showing which album version you are seeing (and specifically whether it’s downloaded or no).

Funny things happen with localization. My phone and Android Auto are in Polish but Remote and ARC are set to English.

  1. Sometimes ARC on AA starts in English, sometimes in Polish. I think it starts in Polish when my mobile is not connected to Core and ARC was not started previously on the phone.
    But usually it starts in English.
  2. If ARC works (on AA) in Polish and I enable connection to Core, language changes immediately to English
  3. When application works in English, two navigation items are localized: Home/Beginning (Początek) and Queue (Kolejka) are in Polish

I forgot to mention that no album/artists graphics are displayed on car screen (although now they are available in ARC on mobile).

My first findings with B130 ARC on Android Auto:

Seaching for “Artists”: Only Artists “123 - C” are shown (I have 962 artists in total) - see photo:

When I go to any of these shown artists, only some of the albums are shown …

Hello again, build 130 on LineageOS 19.1 on Samsung Galaxy S8+ with AA on Skoda Octavia RS sedan:

cover art is now displayed in correct shape, the music is still much quieter than for example Qobuz.
The music streaming playback stutters from time to time and didn’t happen in build 129.


Volume leveling in ARC? It’s on by default at least in the regular ARC

Six hours in the car through central London over the last couple of days and ARC has performed really well. Even when I lost signal in dead spots it recovered and continued.

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Hello Suedkiez,

I think that is has nothing to do with volume leveling. I’ve found this option earlier to my initial post and tried it with “off” but it has no effect on general volume level.
All I can say is that Roon ARC App with AA on my Canton stereo in my skoda sedan is much quieter than the official qobuz app with the same music played. I have to increase the volume to ~40-50% to come to equal volume.

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I have the same problem with build 130 on LineageOS 19.1 on Samsung Galaxy S8+.

Recently changed to a car with widescreen Android Auto with coolwalk running as well - giving me a wide screen map next to a large side panel ARC instance. Noticed with a little more screen real estate the underlying cover art image is fairly low resolution. Play Music in the same instance has a sharper underlying cover image.

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A widespread problem in more than one way in ARC:

Hello guys!
Thanks for reporting! I have a few questions, in terms of investigating this problem.
@Piotr_Pekala, @Olaf_Mueller What is your Android device, Android version, Connection type(Bluetooth\wired) and Car brand?
@Lukas_Kamb what is your connection type to Android Auto?

Also, guys, is your ARC in Offline mode when connecting to Android Auto, or the cellular network is available?
This information may be helpful for our investigation

Thank you!

Android device: Samsung Galaxy S22+
Android version: 13
Connection type (Bluetooth\wired): actually both. AA wired but I think that audio goes over BT
Car brand: Ford

I’m typically on cellular network without connection to Core. Sometimes I enable the connection (with Tailscale).

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Also, guys, I understand that my request may make you smile)
Please try to start ARC from scratch on your device and try to reconnect to your Android Auto

Thank you!

Galaxy S10
Android 12 OneUI 4.1
Volkswagen VW Golf

Thank you for your replies. This problem was brought up one of our tech calls yesterday. We are looking for the solution.



Hello andrew,

my phone is connected by usb cable and cellular network is available, so arc is in online mode.