B139 Lowering the music volume on incoming messages instead of full pause? [Ticket in]

I’ve noticed Roon ARC is hard stopping the music whenever a speedtrap or gps warning message is received. Other streamers like Tidal and spotify simply lower the volume of the music, and while the music continues on the background, the messages get read out.
Is something like this possible with ARC? I had it working like this for a couple of hours last Thursday but so far all other times it has been pausing the music which is really annoying.

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I came here to create this exact same post and decided to do a search first to see if anyone else was experiencing this issue. For me, it happens with any notification, be it Twitter, Facebook, Outlook etc. Any notification will make the music stop completely for 1-2 seconds and then it will start again. In my opinion, this makes ARC unusable as it is extremely annoying. As you mentioned, every other app just lowers the volume. The only way to solve it at this time is to put the phone on do not disturb, however that is not an option since no one can reach me which creates a new set of problems.

Roon, please fix this. if it helps, I am using a Pixel 7 Pro running Android 13. Thanks.

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This has driven me crazy since the beta. I wish this behavior could be changed!

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What puzzles me is that for some reason it sometimes does exactly what I would like it to do, and just lowers the music volume while the system makes gps or speedtrap announcements…
But I haven’t been able to find out why, because even without changing any setting it sometimes does it correctly.

I wonder if it could be that, depending on the signal quality, and by consequence streaming quality selected by Roon ARC, ARC chooses the wrong channel for its music and actually doesn’t use the media but alarm channel for playing music over my car audio system?
I’ve seen some apps allow you to select what channel android can use for playing sounds, being alarm or media channel… I could imagine if you stream music over the alarm channel this would result in exact that behavior we are experiencing.

It would be nice if Roon could acknowledge the problem and let us know if they are working on it (or not). Having just spent ~$900 CAD on a lifetime subscription for a premium product, only to find that a significant feature is unusable doesn’t sit well with me but a response or some type of acknowledgement would go a long way!


This is still an issue for me and I know I’m not the only one. Any word on a fix for this? ARC is unusable with the pausing when an email is received or anything that triggers a notification sound like receiving a text.

It would be nice if they would finally do something about this.

Hi, all! We have an ongoing investigation for this one, it is with our dev department.



This would be a welcome change. The pause is quite jarring.

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Is this going to be changed in the next EA build perhaps?

It’s been months since this has been reported by many. Is there any priority assigned to fixing this so we can enjoy part of the eco system we’ve invested into? In its current state, ARC is unusable due to the pausing of the audio during playback.

Hey all, I’m sorry about the radio silence here. Indeed this is a frustrating experience. We’re in the middle of a development cycle and as soon as we get a moment to breathe this is high on my list. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.


@michael There is also an issue where the play/pause controls in the notification shade don’t work. I think it may be related.

@michael Can an update please be provided on this issue. ARC is not safe to use in a car when using navigation. It has been months with radio silence from the Roon team on this issue.

Hello, I hear your frustration on this. We’ve looked at this issue several times but unfortunately it involves a fairly thorough rewrite of our interruptions code and is unfortunately not a trivial fix. It’s still on my radar.

@michael Thank you for the reply, is it possible to first fix the issue where the music plays over navigation prompts and the only way to fix it is to force stop the app and reopen it (while trying not to crash the car :stuck_out_tongue:).

So the new version just dropped yesterday and unfortunately this issue still exists. Any updates or an ETA on when Android users can use ARC properly?

Coming in the next release :slight_smile: Fixed just yesterday internally.


Just to understand, has this been resolved only for Arc or also for Roon remote?

Only for ARC