B1417 Format display in Roon Remote on Win10

Just noticed in this Build or a recent build the presentation of the format is either just FLAC, ALAC or DSF for the Album.
The detail is still present in the main view, and the File Info view.

Album view, just ‘FLAC’ not FLAC 192/24

File Info on a Track, showing that the format detail is being captured

Then at the overal Album view for Artist, the thumbnail detail is also correct at FLAC 192/24

Same with DSD, correct at the thumbnail view as DSD64 but in Album view just ‘DSF’

Then at File Info on a track, it has it Format DSF, but sample rate DSD64

same for MQA format, it just displays ‘FLAC’

§but the file info for a track only has FLAC 44.1kHz 16-bit, where this is a MQA 44.1 file, as correctly identified on the thumbnail.

Same for ALAC also

Is this an intentional change, if so can it be reverted to present the format information correctly.
Or it a bug has crept in, could it be fixed, as this was working correctly in past builds.

Hi, @simon_pepper! Thanks for flagging. It’s already reported here.
Our developers are working on the fix now.


And fixed in this latest EA Build

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