B142 ARC stream not unpausing when interrupted by Android Garmin app alert [Investigating]

I went out running for the first time whilst listening to Arc streaming from my Roon Core.

One problem I noticed was whenever the stream was paused due to my Garmin app (running on the same phone) giving an alert about the previous lap pace etc, the Arc stream would frequently fail to unpause once the alert had finished. It would unpause sometimes but mostly it wouldn’t and I’d have to manually unpause it.

I do not experience this issue with any other audio apps I use whilst running.

Pixel 4a 5G running Android 13.

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This is still a problem with the latest Arc early access .apk. Arc needs to be manually unpaused if the Garmin app interrups the audio stream.

I’m now using a pixel 7.

Hey @kwangomango !
Thank you for reporting!
I went to Google Play Store and found here a bunch of Garmin apps. Which one do you use?
Also, to use one of these apps and get a notification that may interrupt the playback, I need a Garmin device. Unfortunately, I don`t have one.
So, could you please reproduce the problem and make us know the time you reproduced the issue?


Sure, I’ll go for a run in a few hours and make a note of the times it doesn’t unpause.

So yesterday (Tuesday 2nd May) at roughly these times, the Garmin Connect app paused the Arc stream to give lap alerts. I had to manually unpause each time:

18.05 BST
18.13 BST
18:22 BST

I did however receive a phone call at 18:18 BST. When the call had finished, this time Arc did unpause the stream.