B1431 waiting for server but music plays

Have been doing a big browse on iPhone albums view.
Music is playing and am starting to add to queue.

Then iOS app cannot find core.

Music continues to play.

Timestamp 19.29 local

@ncpl, what happens if you choose “Select a different Roon Server” from your iPhone?

Not sure if it’s related but one of my Android controllers also got in a right pickle after the update yesterday. It took a few app restarts and a couple of attempts at typing in the core IP address before it started working again. Seems fine now, and a couple of other controllers managed the change without issue, so I just put it down to ramdom weirdness initially.

Good question…I have 2 EA cores and the app just hunted for them for a while. After 5-10mins the cores reappeared. Music played throughout. I accessed various NAS and local devices to see if it was a wider network issue but it all looked ok. The ROCK web page was also spinning during this period so my feeling is that this was a something to do with the cores. My guess is that a the core may have been doing something heavy with the Roon cloud.

Good to hear you are back up. Hope this was a one time issue for you.

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