B146 ARC Can't access my downloads

Okay, so after Friday’s train debacle, I reinstalled ARC via Flight Test.

It connected immediately. I can now see my entire library, as normal.

But, all of my downloads had disappeared so I re-added a box set.

It’s there. It has a tick next to it. But when I click on it, all I get is a black screen with an alternating red & blue line at the top.

So, leaving aside the fact that I don’t see why all my downloaded content should disappear when I reinstall the app, why can’t I see the freshly added content?

Don’t know the answer as to why you can’t see your new content, but a reinstall of ARC is the same as a reset; it will delete downloaded content and start afresh with a blank slate…

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Yes, I gathered that. I’m just not sure why you’d build it that way. Music on my phone are just files on my phone. Why surround them with a Roon fence? Just have them as files on my phone that can be accessed generally.

In any case, I seem to have moved on from seeing my downloaded content like this:

Whereupon I’d click on it & get nothing but a black screen with an animated alternating red & blue line at the top, to clicking on it & seeing this:

No cover images, even though they all very definitely have cover images, and an animated circle where the play icon should be, followed by:

“something went wrong”

No sh*t Sherlock!

And then:

Poor Connection.

Er… This is downloaded content on my phone. What exactly are you trying to connect to?

So, have I broken something at my end or has ARC just thrown a wobbly?

ARC working here in the Netherlands - just downloaded Bernstein’s Candide as a test, and it’s playing.

Perhaps @support should try and gather logs from your phone…?

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If my previous experience here is anything to go by, I won’t be left out to dry.

And this morning, as if by magic, they downloads in question appear to be working normally.

Go figure.

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You must have an electromagnetic field around you that comes and goes!

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