B149 Frustrating ARC loop

Rebooted everything before I went on holiday and everything was up to date as of last Saturday.
Roon Arc worked for a day or two and now I keep getting connection messages and have asked my daughter who is at home to restart the rock machine. Restart my home router and I still am caught in this loop.

I deleted and reinstalled the Arc app.

Any ideas?

Good internet speeds here.


Then I log in again and get in the loop again.


So I loved in remotely through my daughter with her in front of my screen.

Everything seems fine:


I asked her to delete the router rule – re-enable, U P,NP and reset the rule from Roon.

This and a further reboot of the core seems to have given me back mobile Arc. (On my iPad, I had to delete and reinstall the ARC app on my iPhone to get that to work).

I’ve no idea if this is an early access issue or a general one.


The exact same thing happened to me once. Nothing had changed in Roon or Arc but it stopped working.

After various attempts I acted on the router by resetting and setting the portforward rules again and it immediately resumed communicating.

Maybe some automatic update on the router broke something🤔

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This happens all the time to me on Android I really think the issue is their authentication process and nothing to do with the connection home. Had it on my own Wi-Fi network.

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I had some weird issues with ARC when I arrived at our weekend apartment on Friday. But after a phone reboot and getting working signal again all has been good all weekend. Been listening to a mix of offline, and a bit of streaming.
I will add a couple of CDs that are definitely not cached now and see if they play (I think I have about 80GB of ARC offline music on my phone)
I have deliberately left ARC in online mode so I could play streaming music.

Well finally got to the streamed from home album I selected and working perfectly so far. Not particularly fast Mobile data here either

Though I take issue with the high quality given that this is streaming AAC from my phone to the Sonos,Move, still it sounds great.

Thank you all for reporting. We have been experiencing some issues with our back end service responsible for connections and hope to have everything resolved soon.

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