B159 ARC not available in Google Store

Three days after release new version is still not accessible in Play Store (at least for me).

The previous version became available after two days. I hope this trend will change :slight_smile:

That is not down to Roon, it is down to Google and Apple and their respective policies.
I use both and I am often finding myself waiting on one device or the other, especially since Carplay and Android Auto were added (or at least it feels that way)

I am also at b1555 on Android

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I guess that might depend also on the quality of the app. There are not many reports on last builds but those you can see are rather alarming. Some of the problems reported seem to be very easily detectable. And Google might be the first real QA step in the release process…

The other aspect is that subsequent builds are released by Roon after Google review as you can see here: