B177 ARC Android Auto

Using ARC with AA and working very well, however, not all albums/artists are showing up in AA. All are available in the App on the phone, but when looking on AA they are not there. I can use the phone to play the ‘missing’ tracks through AA but they are not available to be selected on AA.

I have restarted the phone and reinstalled ARC on the phone to see if that fixed the issue without success.

One feature request, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but can ‘just added’ be added to ARC on AA please.


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Thanks for the heads up and feedback. AA is limited to only displaying about the first 200 items in your library in browsers, so all items won’t show up. Separately, I agree, Recently Added would be a good thing to add. It’s in the backlog along with other AA improvements.


Thanks Michael, Recently Added would help a lot with the limitation of the first 200 items.

Pity about the limitation in place as it stops me from selecting the album/song/playlist I want to play but as it is normally the latest albums I have bought, that would cover most scenarios.

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I don’t have a car, but in case I ever buy one, are you saying that AA (and CarPlay too?) are essentially useless because I can’t freely choose the music I want to listen to?

Not useless, but yes. Roon ARC does not have an A to Z selection to zoom to all of your library music as does Apple Music. It’s a major drawback of Roon ARC in CarPlay IMHO.

When in the car using Roon ARC and CarPlay, I usually just listen to whatever was playing last time. If I try something different, it takes too long to find it. Apple Music is my go to with CarPlay. It is flawless.

Thank you. Is this a Roon limitation or an AA/CP limitation for safety or something? I’d be very mad if I can’t play the music in the car that I want to :slight_smile:

It’s how Roon built the Roon ARC app. It’s definitely not a CarPlay limitation.

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Thanks. Maybe when I retire and get myself a car it will work :slight_smile:

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