B231 "Unexpected Playback Error" when using Bluetooth headphones

Last error was 16:08 GMT.

Whenever I try and play anything in roon arc using my bluetooth headphones I get the unexpected playback error message.

Disconnected from Bluetooth using the phones speakers playback is fine.

Now at the point where wired doesn’t work (Arc doesn’t work with most USB C dongles) , wireless doesn’t work. Only playing through my phone speakers works.

Seems to be happening when I try to play files that are higher than CD quality irrespective of whether it is from a streaming service (Qobuz and Tidal have the same error) or local files.

Picking the same album but a CD copy from a streaming service will play.

Changing the playback settings to sample down to CD doesn’t allow me to play the local copy that is high res.

Edit: Moved back to production and the issue is still present.

Edit 2: Started working for no discernable reason.

Edit 3: Switching the sample rate to be fixed at 44.1 fixes it (under developer options it seems the S24 Ultra only supports 44.1 over AAC, not 48).

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