B45-B139 ARC Android - massive download terribly slow & unreliable

I’ve seen several threads reporting slow download of albums from Core to ARC.
While that still seems to be true I’d like to point out one other factor that makes download experience painful:
Download process is terribly unstable.

It frequently:

  • pauses (and often doesn’t resume)
  • stops with ARC app still responsive
  • while working in background often stops and when you switch to ARC it just restarts

Actually the only predictable way of downloading is to have the app in foreground and don’t let the screen go off. Then it usually works constantly.

I’m trying to download ~4500 tracks since Wednesday morning and still have 2000+ to download. All is happening in fast home WiFi (5G).

It might be partially related to Android battery saving but there are apps that handle similar processes in a seamless way (Tidal, Qobuz, Netflix to mention some of them).

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On Android you can go to Battery Optimization and turn that off for ARC. Then it keeps downloading consistently and even if the app is in the background or the phone sleeps.

I haven’t noticed any significantly bad effects on battery usage either. It remains slow to download, though.

This setting is not an option on iOS

@Carl I’m not sure if adding random production builds numbers to an early access thread makes much sense and helps anybody…

Hi @Piotr_Pekala,
You should prefix your report with them, this way it helps keep track of what build has the issue (even if it across more than one build it still help to know what build you are run when it is still observed )
If I got the the builds numbers wrong please correct or let me know I’ll happily adjust.

I initiated last download process in B132. However it was exactly the same in the first production ARC build and 1-2 early earlyaccess builds. So I find it a general ARC problem and that’s why I didn’t use any build number.

That helps a lot. Thanks.

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If only they could fix the slow as molasses downloads :slight_smile:

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