B537 'eats' RAM memory on Synology

LINUX/Synology and Roon B537

I know that my 713+ is not on the compatibility list.

But compared to previous releases version 537 does ’ eat’ my ram memory.

The 713+ works fine until RAM is exhausted. Then Roon is not accessible anymore. But also the 713+ NAS isn’t responding except on a ping. A hard reset is the only way out. Then RAM is back to 10% and everything is fine. This takes about 2 days before all memory is occupied.

Anybody any idea besides replacing the hardware?

Looking at the specifications for the 713+ NAS it’s way under spec to have a good user experience running Roon.

I believe it comes with an ATOM CPU and only 1GB RAM.
How much RAM is fitted in your 713+?

Google suggests it’s possible to increase to 4GB which may help, however, the ATOM CPU is still quite slow but at least 4GB might help to extend the life of this unit.

Just read your other topic, looks like you have 4GB RAM already but no SSD.
I know you don’t want to hear this but it’s time for new hardware, sorry.

Does restarting the Roon Server software before it gets critical help?

Hi. Yes it does. I have 4G in it. In previous version there was no problem with the memory.
So indeed a reboot before the memory exhausts works fine.

I just received ssd for USB. But that’s is not going to resolve the problem I am afraid.

Besides that it looks a challenge to move the database.

Hi all,

Just to let you know.

I installed a 500gb ssd on my synology 713+. The usb version. After that I reinstalled the latest core version on the NAS.
Now since about 5 weeks the system runs as never before. Not one drop out. No delays. Very responsive. No reboots any more.
Just wanted to let you know.
Regards Jan