B55 (iOS) songs playing occasionally restart mid-song

I seem to experience this about once every couple of days. At first I thought it might be due to streaming, caching, and driving across cell towers and wifi zones. However, I noticed that it is also happening with downloaded albums, so I thought I’d report it.

I have not been able to identify a pattern except that it seems to happen when I am driving. I did think that I may have been able to reproduce this by enabling VPN on my phone and repeatedly (every minute or so) switching VPN servers, but I am not sure if that was a coincidence.

I am using a iPhone XS Max running iOS 15.7.

Hi, @Adeeb, thank you for your report. Could you, please, tell me if by any chance affected tracks were downloaded to your device? Could you, please, provide an approximate timestamp when this issue occurred or at least name of the track that was affected?



It happened both with streamed albums as well as downloaded albums in ARC. Sorry, I am not sure exactly what date and time this happened or what the tracks were.

Interestingly, it happened for 2-3 days in a row but I have not experienced it again since then. Then again, I had upgraded to build 61 as soon as it was out.

I will note the time and tracks the next time it happens.

Getting this consistently with downloaded files can’t play an album properly. :frowning:

Below track is playing longer than it is as you can see from this picture.

This has happened to me on occasion as well (I’m on a Pixel 6). The trend that I think I’ve found is that it happens when I switch from one Bluetooth source (such as headphones or a speaker) to another (such as my car). But the path hasn’t been consistent (I’ve had it happen when I’ve gone from my Bluetooth headphones to my car, and I’ve had it happen when I’ve gone from my car to a Bluetooth speaker).

This happened again today around 9:50am GMT+3. I was listening to Gimme Shelter at the time.

@ivan yesterday between 4-5pm (GMT+3) ARC was not able to connect to my core for some reason, so I decided to play a downloaded album. On two of the songs, ARC started over 2-4 times each. Very peculiar.

Hi, @Adeeb, thank you for your posts.

As for this:

We had a server-side outage yesterday :frowning: It should be resolved by now. It was discussed here – link.

As for the original issue. Am I getting it right that these were files downloaded using the latest production or early access Roon ARC build?



I am getting the problem with streamed songs as well as downloaded albums. In my case, I had downloaded all my albums using the first public version of the early release. I have experienced the issue with the ARC version in my original post as well as all versions since then.

Understood, thank you.

Unfortunately, the fix we released in the last production release is targeted to avoid corrupt downloads in the future but not fix the existing ones. That said, you can still experience issues with files downloaded using previous versions that do not contain a fix:

As for this, it’s probably a separate issue and it is under investigation at the moment :frowning:

Apologies for troubles.


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