B61 ARC iOS Album Download Issues and corrupted downloads

When downloading a number of albums ARC becomes sluggish and eventually unresponsive a restart of app is all I can do do get it to return but it’s still unusable once downloads resume and locks up again. The downloads dont complete either after this. The phone is a SE2020 on iOS 16.0.2, also gets very hot during all of this. I just got this error message in the UI. This doesn’t feel very slick in operation.

This happens every time and is becoming quite annoying. As soon as phone has gone to sleep and resumed or just doing something else it starts to freeze up until it goes you can’t use search at all. It’s if it’s maxing out the entire phone and runs out of resources.

Additionally downloading the 16 albums I’ve had 3 full crashes and it’s taken over half an hour because of the restarts and it just not downloading whilst in background and it’s drained my battery life massively. And one download refuses to show its completed when you look at the album it shows all tracks have downloaded.

Added 3 more albums last night same issues slow down, crashes. @Early_Access please can we look into what’s going on here, downloading files is not a fun experience at all.

Hi, @Simon_Arnold3, thank you for your report. Could you, please, specify the approximate number of album you are downloading when seeing this:

When downloading a number of albums ARC becomes sluggish

Also, can you, please, tell how big are albums that you are trying to download in this case?



I queued up no more than 6 at a time, last night it was just 3 albeit one was a large track count and 96/24 but most are 44.1/24 or 44.1/16. Album size I assume you mean data size and not track count? This varied from 237mb on average 900mb to 2.38gb for one album which was one of the last ones to download. Overall it was just over 11gb.

Well all this was in vain as I am getting tracks repeating the first section of a track each time it plays. It plays for a few secs, then jumps back and starts it all again. Plus lots of clicks as well not overall very happy here as I am now away without any other music as have no Wi-Fi at the inlaws and spotty cellular new I should have packed my dap

Surely it should have some hash to check files are correct, what is it doing to cause issues like this. All tracks in certain albums repeat after 15 secs of playback.

Hi @Simon_Arnold3,

We’re continuing to investigate both corrupt downloads with large file sizes and hot iPhones during downloading.

Your above report is certainly frustrating and I’m sorry the team hasn’t responded sooner. We’ll respond with any conclusions we reach.

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Hi @Simon_Arnold3,

Have you encountered this issue (or related) on the most recent build? We’ve merged several fixes related to corrupted downloads.

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I have not needed to download anything since as not been away. But will give it a go and feedback.

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