B98 Queue is very sluggish or not working at all [resolved]

This is an issue I’ve had with ARC since nearly day 1 of using it. I’m re-upping this concern/issue as it’s still present for me even on version Arc v98. Selecting to view queue takes >10-15 seconds. And when the queue does pop on it’s not scrollable for another >10 seconds and is jank at best. Hitting the ‘X’ to return to now playing takes another >10 seconds to return (and sometimes it crashes completely here).

Same behavior with an album of ten tracks in the queue or a playlist of 3k.

I have a new Pixel 7 pro. Loads of free space on the phone. Roon server is running off a dedicated Nuc running Rock.

I used the ‘reset’ option in the settings menu (near the bottom) and for good measure I cleared the data and cache under the app settings in Android settings. Restarted ARC - logged in - sync details with my core - and it checking queue works as expected with little to no delay.