Back arrow to where you'd scrolled, not top of previous view

I believe others have flagged this. I can tolerate the iPad app crashes, tiny typeface etc in Roon but the one thing that is driving my crazy is that when I scroll through e.g. recently played and select an album (and either add it to queue or decide not to listen to it) and hit the left arrow Back, it takes me to the TOP of the recently played list, not the point in the list where I’d left to look at that album. Makes browsing a major annoyance!


Totally agree, please back to where you were, not the previous page top.

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Yes, absolutely agree.

I agree. This would be a great improvement.

Indeed, this is a major flaw in the user experience. What drives me crazy: for a split second - after hitting the back button - it shows the correct position, and then goes all the way back to the top. Extremely annoying.

It’s teasing us!

Really a PITA in NRFY.