Back In Black AC/DC Qobuz Hi Res

Anyone know anything about the high res remaster of Back In Black released yesterday on Qobuz? Best version I’ve heard yet, but not finding ANYTHING about it such as who remastered etc.

On Qobuz, all AC DC studio albums are High Resolution.
On Roon they are shown as CD quality, but when playing they are High Resolution (96 kHz).
I suppose it is a tag bug…

They JUST started showing up in high res on Roon about an hour ago on my end. I guess it took time for Roon to refresh the listings

There have been a few remasters of ACDC over the years.
Unbelievably it is the 40th anniversary of its release! Saw them on that tour, Sheffield City Hall, October 1980. :slight_smile:
From Wikipedia:

Since its original release, the album has been reissued and remastered multiple times, most recently for digital distribution.

The AC/DC hi-res offerings are based on the 2003 remasters which are not exactly highly regarded for their audio quality. There’s a thread over on Steve Hoffman Music Forums about it:

Oh dear, that is unfortunate. Last time I heard a Back In Black remaster (not sure when it was done) it was louder but sounded worse than my CD Rip.