Background audio analysis speed

Hello, could you please help me understand before doing any modification on Roon preferences Library, if you set to max available (12 Cores) the background analysis and your hardware where you have roon core installed has only 6 Cores what is going to happen?
it will give any error?
It will recognise automatically the max available Cores of your hardware and set them… in my case im using a MacBookPro i7 with 6 Cores.

thank you

Roon won’t let you pick more cores than you have, I usually set it at 2 below maximum if I want it to get done faster then once done switch it to throttled

I think the confusion here might be related to the fact that the Macbook Pro i7 has 6 physical cores but 12 logical cores, so Roon is correctly reporting that it could use 12 cores for background processing. This might help explain it.

so you say that roon is able to understand the hardware where resides and update this menu with the available cores.? i dont have another hardware to install roon and give it a try but it would be great if you can tell me in your case how many cores you have listed in this menu… thanks

Yes, that’s correct. On my mid 2012 Macbook Pro I only have the option to select up to 8 cores.