Background back up


I am running Windows 10 on an i7, 7700, 16 Gb RAM PC

I have the back up process set for 10 am as I shut down my core PC overnight during our summer because of threats from thunder storms. I appreciate I could rest the time BUT …

When the BU trips in my PC is completely frozen Roon occupied 90% + of my CPU, I could not even complete the email I was writing

Is there a way of putting BU onto a separate (background) Windows process so that Roon does not cripple the PC ? Backup takes around 10 minutes for me at a time when I am generally not listening but may be using the core PC as its my desktop PC

Since you are running windows you could try Process Lasso. Even the free version in its basic settings will prevent that one process, roon backup in this instance, will freeze up your computer from other tasks.

Other than that you can set the backup to manually offcoarse or set the schedule to weekly or even monthly instead of daily.