Backing up my Tidal library

Hello all

I would lole some help please backing up mt Tidal Collection to my Core please . I wonder if someone could give me some detailed outline - many threads have alot of assumed knowledge in them . Thankyou

Do you mean backing up your Roon library which is actually links to albums on the Tidal site? You don’t backup Roon to your core. You use another drive to backup to. I have a USB HDD plugged into my Nucleus for scheduled backups.

Go to Settings - Backups - Scheduled Backups View and set up a schedule and location for your backups. I backup every night and save 30 and every month and save 12. This Roon backup will save your links to Tidal and all the associated metadata and Roon settings.

Now, if you actually own some music files of your own, you need to use a 3rd party backup program and backup them to a location such as a computer hard drive or NAS, etc. I don’t own any music files, but if I did, I would backup them to my laptop and make a copy on a USB drive to be stored off-site.

Just to be clear your core has no music from tidal on it, everything in your tidal collection is streamed over the internet every time you play it. The Roon database contains a sync copy of your tidal choices only not the actual music files.

Hey @Bruce_Dowd,

I’m not certain I 100% understand what you’re needing to do but I’d be happy to offer a few ideas.

If what you want to do is backup your Roon Database, which has an index of your TIDAL library and local music, you can find more details about that in this article from our help center.

Alternatively, if you’re wanting to export a list of the music you currently have in TIDAL, you can take a look at Soundiiz. Their founder contributed an article on their product to our Blog. They even offer a discount to Roon Subscribers. Soundiiz allows you to export a CSV sheet of your TIDAL library collection. You can use the list to migrate your collection to other streaming services or simply use it as a master list of your collection and update it as you make changes.