Backing up NAS drive

I’ve got Roon core and my music files sitting on a QNAP NAS.

I’d like to use a backup software to copy music files to an external drive for use in another location. This way I just take the external drive with me and plug it in the other system when I am there.

What software should I use to do, say, a weekly incremental backup of the Music folder on the NAS and the Roon database? My Music folder is about 3TB - it would take a very long time to copy; however, once done, if the software dies incremental, then I only have to suffer once.

Thank you

From what I read on this forum, only the Roon backup software should be used to back up the Roon database.

As for music files, I would use a syncing program. That way, in the case of a needed restore, no file dates will have been changed. I use GoodSync for that purpose.

Wouldn’t QNAP Backup Station do that for you? Ideally, connect a USB 3 drive directly to the QNAP since this will be quicker than using a file copy/ sync program running across a network.

If a QNAP backup solution (or any backup solution) changes file modification dates, then wouldn’t a restore of those backed up files result in a Roon rescan? Dunno.

I just backmup for safety via my QNAP. USB to an external drive.


I’ve not used Backup station. I’m using Raid10, so am not backing up my NAS (yet). I do intend to connect the external drive directly to the NAS - will be much quicker, at least first time around.

Not sure, but QNAP Backup Station has a sync option from NAS to external drive. That wouldn’t touch the master copy of a file.

RAID is no substitute for backup and [RAID 10] is probably a bit overkill for consumer use. I do recommend mirrors over RAID though, but that’s another topic.

My approach is to use redundancy (mirrors), plus local backup and cloud backup with deduplication and full snapshot.

I have a remote NAS that my primary NAS backs up to. Not everything but everything I care about.

Even changing a tag causes a rescan , I changed a composer format and set off a rescan and re analysis

When you change a tag, the file’s modified date is changed, so Roon will rescan.

It may rescan but I find that tag changes only get reflected in Roon if you rescan just that album, and don’t get reflected on a general rescan.