Backup Best Practice?

Hello, I have an internal separate disc on my i7 and a an external drive attached to the NUC, so 2 drives that can contain files. What is the optimal way to schedule regular backups of my music files? Does Roon have a way to schedule storage backups, not just the Roon database?


If by this you mean your music files, then no. Roon only backs up its database.

Multiple locations, with multiple schedules and number of copies.

Because Roon has several bugs in its backup process, I have resorted to something like this -

I managed to do regular music backups with a Raspberry Pi4 with a usb attached HDD.

I installed Open Media Vault to use the Pi4 as NAS and from that I scheduled with Rsync regular backups.

It took me some time to understand how to make this work since I’m not a Linux master but with some tutorial everything’s finally working.

Plus of all this is that once you set it up there’s no need to do anything else and you don’t need another computer to manage regular backups.

There are probably other ways to achieve this but this was the only real working solutions I found.

Hope this helps. If you need some links let me know.

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Backups should not be placed in Watched Folders, so this eliminates using the Internal Drive for any database backups.