Backup Internal Storage

Is there any way to backup to a Mac of NAS a music collection stored on an internal drive. I’ve tried a number of different ways, but none seem to work. Although you can mount the drive onto the desktop, there seems to be no program that will allow incremental backups to the mac or NAS. Although my Synology NAS can mount the drive, there is no program that will back it up. Rsync seemed like a possibility, but Rock does not have an open port to permit it.

There are a number of file synchronization and and backup apps that can mount the share on a Mac and copy it to another storage location. Many years ago I used one called ChronoSync which worked very well. There’s also Carbon Copy Cloner which is a general purpose backup app that comes in very handy. Both can be scheduled and setup to automatically mount the share.

rsync will work as you can sync to local directories. You’ll need to ensure that the share is mounted outside of the rsync process.

I use CCC presently to back up my music to a NAS. Works fine.

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