Backup NUC SSD to Synology NAS and Backblaze

Perhaps someone in this forum can help me out:

I have a scheduled backup (mirroring) of my music files on my NUC to a Synology 220+ NAS using Active Backup for Business. Also I have a scheduled backup (mirroring) of this backup (on my NAS) to Backblaze using Cloud Sync.

This has worked perfectly for a couple of years, but recently Active Backup for Business stopped doing incremental backups (only new/edited files) and instead now makes a full backup each time. Having more than 1TB of music files this takes a long time (even though I have a wired local network). But an even bigger problem is, that Cloud Sync also makes a full backup to Backblaze - and this takes forever!

So: how do I get back to only doing incremental (not full) backups using Active Backup for Business and Cloud Sync? If for some reason this is not possible, is there some other software I can use for incremental backups/mirroring?

Check the backup logs for errors and unexpected entries?
Use Synology support resources to search for an answer (might be quicker than waiting here for a lucky guess)?

Maybe related:

Thank you @BlackJack!

I have asked the question in the Synology forum.

Also the German post you’ve linked to does indeed seem to relate to my question, but pointing to delete a folder, that I (and others in the thread) cannot find.

You so far did not provide any information in this thread that allows others to make educated guesses – so it can be everything. Misconfiguration of the backup job, software error in the backup software, some backup software limitation reached, FS limitation reached, OS issue (source or target), all kinds of hardware error (network hiccup, overheating devices, failing devices, …), …

Your NAS and the backup software are provided by Synology as far as I’m aware. You should contact Synology support so they can help you troubleshoot your issue.

Maybe you have your reasons, but I would not recommend CloudSync as part of a backup strategy. Any file corruption or accidental file deletion on the NAS will simply be replicated and render your offsite backup virtually useless.

Instead I would recommend HyperBackup which can also be configured for use with Backblaze

Hyperbackup will perform incremental backups and at the same time offer the possibility to keep multiple “versions”. When a file is deleted it will still be available in a previous version.

Of course this will not solve you problem if the Active Backup for Business is always creating a new large full backup file as this will still result in a large backup to Backblaze.

Perhaps an alternate setup is an option? I don’t know how you add your music to the NUC, but you must be downloading it from somewhere and the copying it to the NUC. Perhaps after downloading new music, you can setup a process that copies it to both the NUC and the Synology and then use HyperBackup from the Synology?

Hello @SvenM
Thanks for pointing me to HyperBackup. I’ll look into that.
BackBlaze has a Lifecycle Setting allowing me to keep prior versions when I use CloudSync, but maybe HyperBackup has some more refined possibility in that way.

My workflow is: download file → tagging (Yate) → copying it to my NUC (always on). My NAS is scheduled to turn on (and off) a couple of times during the week to do the backup by it self. But this might not be the best workflow.

I always make a couple of backup to removable harddisks a couple of time per year. Just in case…

I’m using a very similar setup to you but I mirror from my NAS to my ROCK using rsync. I also back up my music library using CloudSync. (Just as an aside, CloudSync on BackBlaze supports versioning and retention of previous versions. This nullifies the concerns about rendering the backup “useless” with accidental deletion or corruption).

The trickiest part was figuring out how to get rsync working. I shared the steps here a while ago:

  1. In File Services, Enable rsync
  2. In File Station, Map a remote folder to your ROCK’s InternalStorage folder
  3. In Task Scheduler, create a task that runs the following command (you may need to adjust paths/host names):

rsync -av --delete --exclude ‘@eaDir’ /volume1/Library/ /volume1/ROCK/Library

In your situation, you would just have to swap the source and destination folders if you want the ROCK to be the source and the NAS to be the backup.

I also use a NUC with ROCK and one internal Drive for the OS and one for the music files.
I created a Folder on my DS218+ where i mapped the Musik File SSD as CIFS-Folder.
CloudSync keeps the music Folder of the DS218+ and the Files in the NUC being equal.
I download new music files with my macbook. On this i use the same music files which are synced with CloudStation. Works fine. I have nothing to do to get the files to my Roon folder. It syncs directly after the download to the MacBook.
So there are always three disks with the same music files on three devices. Not realy a backup so far.
With hyperBackup i backup my whole DS218+ including the musik files with the NAS of my sister.
Also with hyperBackup i make a lokal Backup to an HDD plugged in the NAS.
These Backups have versioning to get back if nessesary.
This works for me since a long time.

Thanks @EvilGnome6 and @GL_SG_TG for sharing your backup strategies. It’s very helpfull.

I’ll look into rsync, and also the possibility to use CloudSync to keep the folder on my NAS synced with my NUC.

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