Backup of SonicTransport - best method?

Hi all,

I (when I give a thought to that) backup my SGC every now and then.
What did you do to automate the backup of you music files and Roon server backups?

Looking forward to get some nice best practices to try myself :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

I do this from within Roon… In the settings menu: backups => schedules backups. I make a backup every day locally, and every few days and every 30 days I backup to Dropbox. These last backups are saved over a longer period.

For music files: I mostly stream new music from Tidal, so no new files are added to the music folder much. But isn’t there an app available for the Sonictransporter to make backups of your files?


I need to be more specific, sorry for being misleading. I am looking for an automated way to backup the whole SGC content (roon backups + music) to another drive, without any user interaction at all.

If you’re backing up Roonserver, do that from inside Roon>Settings>Backups, and send the backup to an attached HD.
If you’re backing up your SGC, you can do that from the Storage Backup app in the SonicTransporter Web interface. Also to an attached HD.
If you’re backing up your music files, there are a lot of options.
I have a a pair of 14TB external drives, and I clone the music from one to the other every week or two. Then the clone attaches to a Mac running Backblaze, and that all backs up to the cloud. I should probably have another physical backup, but…

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This is not difficult from any machine capable of mounting the SGC and running programmed backups. On Mac, try ChronoSync. I run various backups of networked computers and disks in the middle of the night, with no attendance required.

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This helps! I mount the SGC over my Mac and will try ChronoSync!

I’ll sound like a shill, but I speak the truth.

ChronoSync is one of those rare apps that does what it says on the tin, every time, no crashing, no fuss. It can be as simple as cloning, or as complicated as copying only certain kinds and dates of files, and all points in between.

I’ve used it since it came out in 2010, all under the same license.

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