Backup on startup?

Backup: Would be better if it was possible to set a specific time and day of the week for when to take the backup. I am backing up to a server that is not running all the time… so nice if I would be able to coordinate to start the server and the backup.

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You can already set the time, and a frequency, ie every day, second day etc

Why not back up to your Core PC then run some Sync program to copy to your server when it’s up ?

Running at startup is a bad idea, my backup takes maybe 10 minutes and totally hi jacks the Core using all processor power,

I restart daily so that would extend my PC restart time ridiculously. I backup mid morning when I am unlikely to be listening.

I disagree… I will like the backup to run every Saturday 2 am… no matter if the backup was taken or not, it should still run every Saturday 2 am…

Today you can schedule ‘every 7 day’ but if the backup is not taken it will try the day after and from there wait 7 days.

Well, I guess it’s a typical “one should be able to choose in the settings” thing.

That assumes your core is “always on”. Mine isn’t during the summer the chance of a lightning strike is high so all electronics are disconnected from the mains when “unattended” .

Some years ago I lost most of my hi fi due to a strike, streamer , amp, switch, video streamer and that was through the telephone line !!!

The backup process cripples the core PC so it is scheduled when there is no activity , in my case 10AM.

You can get around you 7 day cycle by doing it every day and limiting the number stored to say 10 or 20

There is probably no one size fits all :sunglasses:

Agree… no size fits all… Danny ask for input… I have provided a suggestion…