Backup: Path to internal storage on ROCK

Hi everyone,
I feel a bit stupid for having to ask this but I am stuck with a very simple problem here.

What I am trying to do, is to have my ROCK system put one version of the database backups on the internal storage disk (the one that also has the music). This would make sense to me, since this drive is then automatically backed up elsewhere and I would have all my music-related stuff in one place in cas of failure.

But somehow I cannot teach ROCK to accept its own disc as a backup-location …
Can anybody please tell me how to do this and what to input there?

I am talking about this window:

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If you haven’t already you may want to review this:

For my rock I used: “\\rock\data\storage\internalstorage” as the backup location.
Both my freenas and rock show up in the “choose folder to backup to” window. I don’t remember having to add network share…but its been a while.
Like this:

While it is possible to do this, Roon support recommends against it. Better to do the database backups to a USB flash drive on the ROCK and another drive on a different system or NAS.

Thanks @bearFNF!
The link you provided did the trick for me. I would have sworn I had tried it before exactly like that - but obviously not …
Anyway: It works now. Thanks again.

Thanks for your advice too. I only saw the warning to not have a backup in a watched folder, but that is not what I am doing now. My watched folder is “InternalStorage” within “Storage”, while my backup folder is “Backups” within “Storage”.
I did not see any reason to not do it that way but I may have overlooked something …

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If you search on the forum you’ll find the advice from Roon support about this. I was doing it as well, but no longer. I try as best as I can to follow their advice so that I have a more stable system.

Are you sure? If that’s the case, then your backup folder will be in the watched folder range. I assume that you mean your watched folder is “music” within “InternalStorage”?

Oops! You are both absolutely right!
a) I misunderstood what folder was being watched and
b) I value a stable system very much.
So that was obviously a bad idea - I will go on using another one of my network-discs.
Thanks to everyone!


It seems like others have mentioned this already, but this is a bad idea – it involves ROCK mounting its own internal storage over the network, and is not going to be a stable way to do backups.

If you don’t have network storage, my advice would be to add a USB thumb drive to the back. They’re extremely cheap (and tiny) these days, and you won’t have to use these kinds of workarounds to save the backups.

So again, just for the benefit of anyone reading this, we recommend against doing this:


Hey Mike what is the recommended minimum USB thumb drive size for backup purposes? I have a 128GB drive plugged into the back of my ROCK right now and it would be nice to throw a cheaper one on there so I can use the larger one for other things.

I can’t recall if they recommended 16GB or 32GB to me, but I’m using 32GB ones. I guess it depends on how many backups you want to keep. I’m doing daily backups and keeping 60.

Looking at the size of your current backup directory would also be a good guide.

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I’m doing daily backups and only keeping 10. The size of my bakup files on the flash drive is 21.2GB so maybe a 32GB flash drive is too small?

So what I am doing now is this:

That should be OK even for a slightly paranoid user like myself, right?

Ack, ok I will switch it to my FreeNas box.

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