Backup ROCK media to QNAP NAS

Currently I use my QNAP nas as the audio file source for my Roon ROCK server. I am looking to change this and have all the files on a USB attached drive to the ROCK instead. But I want to make sure I get a regular backup of the audio files. I cant see a way to do this in ROCK or ROON only the database. I also cant work out how to get my nas to do it as I can only backup from local to disc or from a PC with Qsync on it. Does anyone know a way to do this?

Worked it out.

How did you solve this? Could you get the QNAP to pull the files from the ROCK share?
Or by using a computer middle-man?

Well I first mounted rocks music folder in file manager using remote SMB/cifs connection to copy library across the in hybrid backups sync added it again as a remote smb server and then get qnap to pull. None of which is documented well. Had to use guest guest as username and password.

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