Bad Metadata report: Richter 100th Anniversary

Rovi has a placeholder here, but no track data that I can see. (I own the set but haven’t ripped it yet.)

This is a set with multiple performance of the same classical work on different dates and in different venues. Rovi needs to give it full metadata.

@jeremiah can you report please? (And mark here, as discussed.)

Many thanks!

I have this all ripped now. Did it all in one day, which contained two 4-hour train journeys.

I hope Rovi get to this soon…

I put this in my recent posting about box sets. There is still nothing in Rovi.

Any news on this @support? I have the set properly identified as far as I can tell, but absolutely no composer information for any track.

There is still zero metadata for this, despite the Roon team’s best efforts. Which is really a pity…

Once we can edit performance dates and metadata is pooled the problem will go away. But for now we’re high and dry.

thanks (sort of)! :-)!