Bad track title in Böhm's 1966 "Tristan und Isolde"

In Karl Böhm’s 1966 “Tristan und Isolde” on Deutsche Grammophon, Disc 2, the track is titled “So stürben wir.” That’s wrong (a misspelling - “ü” instead of “a”). It should be “So starben wir.” (Seeächter-Bayreuther-Festspiele-Karl-Böhm-Tristan-u/release/6493148 for corroboration.)

Anything on this (disc 2, track 8)? I cannot correct it via the Track Editor. (And the filename of the trace doesn’t show the error.)

Hi James, unfortunately, the metadata seem mixed here. Rovi/TiVo has 72 tracks from different performances / releases of Tristan und Isolde and only 28 have “starben” in the track title. The other 44 are either “stürben” (or “stuerben”).

I don’t know why this is, but I’m certain that Rovi will not change the name of the composition part given the number of titles with “stürben”.

In this case, I’m afraid that you’ll need to use WORK/PART tags to correct it.

Download MP3Tag, load the disc’s folder into it and change the offending track name there. Simples!

That won’t work @Alan_McMillan, because the OP needs to change the linked composition PART name, which is what Roon displays for performances of multi-part compositions, not the track title. (Though he will probably want to edit the track title as well).

OK, I’ve done this. Thanks.

This spelling turns out to be really messy. In the cited Böhm recording, Tristan sings “So starben wir” (so we died), and later in that scene, Isolde sings “So stürben wir” (So might we die), according to the accompanying CD’s booklet. But in Christian Thielemann’s recording (see, first Tristan and later Isolde each sing “So stürben wir” (according to that CD’s booklet). I found at least two mentions of this second reading (see“So+stürben+wir”&source=bl&ots=6z0AIvIl_M&sig=ej3Q1km6pNr7-7bmh1VHMNkEazA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiUhoir4urcAhWmhFQKHdx_B7U4ChDoATADegQIBxAB#v=onepage&q=“So%20stürben%20wir”&f=false and

So it would seem that there are grounds for either spelling (and either meaning).