Balthazar- astounding recording + melody

Extraordinarily good recording
Lovely tunes
As good as their chocolate
Better than mayonnaise on chips :grinning:


Seriously, never felt the need to promote a band before
But this is superb

Oh, Belgian, hence clichés (my apologies)
I love the country too :pray::heart:

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I like Balthazar a lot, but haven’t checked this out yet. Thanks for the heads-up!

It’s seemingly a semi live version of the studio LP (also good) but they’ve excelled themselves on the recording

My friends are raving about it too - spread the word, they deserve it :+1:

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I saw them twice on stage, they are a good live band, too!

Yes they are excellent indeed.
If you haven’t yet listened to Patricia Vanneste solo band Sohnarr you should really do so…one of my favority albums from 2020.

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Will do…

New to me and am enjoying a lot thanks.

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I think this ‘source’ LP (ie the studio original) is a better background listen, when cooking for example, whereas the session one makes for a better HiFi sit down

Still very well done though

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I’ll stop going on about this now - but this video an extract from the ‘film’

Interesting to see the background build up to the track - explains the noodling you hear on the LP

Thanks for reminding me I need to give this a listen. Are you familiar with their earlier work-I have Rats which is a great album, and nothing at all like the more recent one!

Yes, I bought the earlier ones on bandcamp
Some excellent tracks, but Sand is overall more consistent to my ears

I see you had The Dears on, I loved No Cities Left but struggled with the later ones

I have it queued up to play next :grinning:

I hadn’t quite caught that it’s essentially the same album but really beautifully different versions. I had only listened to Sand once, so it took most of the first track to catch on-‘this sounds vaguely familiar I thought’… :rofl::joy:
I’m actually listening to the tracks from both back to back in the queue, it still works as they are sonically so different, even though the same songs!