Ban track from Radio

Would be interesting to be able to ban the track just for Radio playback but allowing it to play when you play the entire album.


I’d like to add a +1 to this. The functionality existed in the now defunct Rdio service to dislike a track when it came up through the similar artists stream.

A dislike button for the radio functionality in Roon would:

  • allow for the omission of those tracks you hate on an otherwise good album
  • allow users to further curate the tracks the Roon algorithm pulls from Tidal (I need a way to express my distaste for the Decemberists, despite my enjoyment of Radiohead :smile: )
  • allow the omission of crowd tracks or artist banter tracks on live albums
  • allow the omission of tracks with large gaps of silence from the “hidden track” joys of the grunge 90s.

I should amend this, as I see there is a thumbs down button on the upcoming radio track preview window. Often in the course of listening it isn’t until the offending track is actually playing do you want to take action, at which point it would seem I can only “heart” a track.

Hello Jared,

If you click on the heart one more time it will be banned, but no just from Radio playback, also from album playback. This is the diferentiation I’d like to see on roon.

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Thanks for the “heart” tip. That’s quite confusing from a UI perspective. The last thing I would think to do is “heart” a song that I don’t want to hear. Is the “heart” and “Thumbs Up” modality the same? Perhaps this is worthy of a new thread, but I would think consistent iconography, along with clarification on behavior, along with the additional workflow you are looking for, would make this functionality much stronger.

We really didn’t want to clutter the UI everywhere with a ban icon as well as a heart.

As with all things, now that I know how to do it, it’s not an issue at all. Cheers.