Bandcamp Integration (or just their metadata scraping)

So five days into my trial, I’ve not found anything I don’t like about room, it blows the native Sonos app out of the water, with one exception… Bandcamp integration.

I frequently preview and purchase new music from bandcamp and have a tendancy to purchase, then immidately stream a copy whilst not at my workstation where I’d download it. Sometimes this can take weeks if not months before I add the lossless files into my library.

First I’m just asking for the ability to login to and stream existing purchases from bandcamp.

Secondly, if search, recommendations and metadata was to be hooked in too, it’d make an amazing platform for lesser known artists to be discovered!


+1 for Bandcamp integration

+1 Bandcamp on Roon

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+1 for Bandcamp.

+1 for Bandcamp

Having Bandcamp added would be cool.

The family uses Apple Music, and Gramophone magazine has decided to make them their exclusive partner, so it would be nice to have that one. But honestly, I am pretty content with Qobuz.

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my votes for bandcamp integration

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+1 for Bandcamp

Yes please, +1

Why is this thread so old?
Bandcamp metadata scraping pleeeeeease.

Does BandCamp even offer an API for something like scraping?

They did not when I asked them, and if fact AFAIK they don’t have a full schema for it, but rather just artist and album pages, with some track info. I suspect it would be a major effort to get this reworked for reliable metadata export.

Question answered.

The streaming aspect of Bandcamp is really there to allow people to try before they buy but their business model is primarily to sell downloads for their artists and generate revenue that way.

Therefore I don’t see how it is in the interests of Bandcamp to allow third parties to stream music FOC through a service like Roon UNLESS they get some sort of a kick-back?

While it seems very unlikely to have the streaming aspect and metadata pulled in from Bandcamp given the previous responses on here, I would love to buy directly via Roon.

Having the Qobuz store and Bandcamp store integrated into Roon, a buy button next to the album on streamed albums would be amazing (obviously have a toggle for people who don’t want it).

Roon could then pull down the files into your storage removing a step from Bandcamp / Qobuz.


Welcome @crowlem, nice idea :slight_smile:

Happy new year!
Bandcamp integration +1!

Pro bandcamp and a happy new year.

All the best from Black Forest Germany


+1 per Bandcamp!!

I agree it would be great to have bandcamp integration. They have a lot of lesser known artists (and genres, such as video game soundtracks) that Tidal and Qobuz ignore.