Bandcamp Integration (or just their metadata scraping)

I use Bandcamp quite a lot and have found a ton of great albums I’ve purchased through it.

The issue is I have a large library of 8000+ albums and all are identified except 169 which I would say 90% are the Bandcamp albums. It’d be cool if the rich metadata for those albums could be brought into Roon.

Not sure if I like the purchasing side of BC to be brought into Roon, but maybe customer collections,what’s new, top sellers…etc. much like the Roon/Tidal page.

Just a thought, it’d be cool to have more services available than just Tidal.


Bandcamp integration would be great.

Michael Herger did a really nice plugin for LMS that allows playing directly from Bandcamp to Squeezebox.


+1 for Bandcamp integration. Bandcamp is a great service. I’ve been using this one on Sonos as well.


Another +1 for Bandcamp integration. I’m a little surprised there hasn’t been more demand for this feature.


I had a discussion with Bandcamp support a while ago about missing public metadata (not just on Roon, but also missing on Discogs, MusicBrainz, AllMusic, …) for some of their albums. Here’s the reply I got from them:

While we automatically stamp all the metadata artists enter in their album editors to the tracks you download, entering that data and making sure it’s reflected on other music database services is ultimately up to them. If you’d like to request that a specific artist manages their profile on a different service, please feel free to contact that artist directly via the links towards the bottom right of their music pages.

I’m disappointed that there is no support for streaming from bandcamp. Tidal is really no alternative.

+1 for Bandcamp integration.


I know it’s not the solution you want but jn the meantime you could use Musicbrainz and the Bandcamp Import Script to tag your files.

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Would there ever be the likelihood of integration with Bandcamp, not so much as a streaming service which it isn’t but as a music discovery service ? For me theres much more interesting music to be had than Tidal or Qobuz and you can download flac


I agree 100%. Bandcamp and CDBaby are my goto sources for new, lesser known music.


Yes, Tidal is useless in Australia as it constantly buffers so I found Bandcamp and ive never bought so much music. It would be great if Roon could use the tags to search bandcamp for similar music

Bandcamp also offers unlimited streaming for albums you’ve purchased… may come in handy for Roon on the road…

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Hi Gary,

I’m in Richmond in Melbourne and Tidal has been fine for months for me. I use ADSL2 with iiNet at the moment, but one thing that I think helped was swapping to Google DNS (,

Would love to see Bandcamp integration.

+1 for Bandcamp :slight_smile:


Bandcamp rocks!!

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I also really would like to see bandcamp integrated in roon.

Can we get an API for bandcamp, some great music on there that is not mainstream but a lot of good unkown artists and would be nice to hear them via roon

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One issue that Bandcamp would have to solve for that to work reliable is to make sure all their offerings have complete metadata. Unfortunately, many do not. When I asked Bandcamp about this, they told me it was the original producer/label’s responsibility. I understand they want to keep costs low, but it’s a block to the kind of service we’d both use extensively.

Another vote for BandCamp integration. About the ONLY place I buy digital music these days.


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