Bandcamp Integration (or just their metadata scraping)

(Paul Elliott) #21

I concur, as far as I can tell Bandcamp seem ethical and pay the artists unlike certain streaming services +1 for Bandcamp

(george samuel) #22

Im still in trial, Im pretty shocked Roon doesnt connect to bandcamp. But I tend to download all my bandcamp in AIFF and put it in the server anyway


+1 for integrating Bandcamp


It’d be nice to be able to leverage bandcamp’s metadata for artists/albums they host, however, not sure how easily done given they’re not a full blown streaming service - you only get to stream what you’ve purchased. This would mean they’d have to be excluded from the streaming version of Roon Radio and I imagine differences in how they’re interfaced in general.

(Antony Willman) #25

What I do too. I love BC and buy the digital albums to go onto my server.

(Adrian Laughton) #26

+1 for Bandcamp integration.

Is there any reason why Bandcamp can’t just be treated as Tidal is within the Roon apps? If there is missing metadata users can fill in the blanks if they wish. It would be far better than not being there imo.

(Fernando Pereira) #27

This would require significant engineering from Bandcamp. As a low-overhead distributor for independent artists/small labels, I doubt they feel that’s the highest priority for their limited budget, but it’s something Roon could ask them. The metadata problem is hard for them to deal with (I asked them) because they are at the mercy of artists/labels for the info. Of 15 Roon-unidentified albums I added last 12 months, 10 are from Bandcamp.


Yeah, it would probably be better if some kind of link between bandcamp metadata provisioning and musicbrainz existed. Also, that might be more in the spirit of the bandcamp model. And that way the metadata would reach Roon, too.

(Adrian Laughton) #29

Fair enough. Presumably at Roon’s end it would be the same investment issue and/or it simply wouldn’t possible for them to do the work required at the bandcamp end.

It’s a shame though as I can see their being a lot of synergy between Roon & bandcamp.