Bandcamp link in Roons group bio page

I would like to see a link to the bandcamp page , just as there is a Facebook link, on the groups bio page. Some of us buy albums from bandcamp on a regular basis.

I realize that this ‘sounds’ easier than it really is. Some of the new albums are only available on the bandcamp page of the record company. And there are a few bands who have several bandcamp pages.

However, there are a lot of bands that have their bandcamp page well organized and it would be helpful if we would have direct access to their bandcamp page from within Roon. I am pretty sure the bands would be grateful as well.

It would be great to see a feature like this started, even if it took time to build up.

As another user with an ever growing Bandcamp collection, it would be great to be able to jump there directly from Roon rather than going looking for it.


Bandcamp link for artists
discogs link for albums

those 2 would be sooooo welcome!


While I would like this and voted for it, it’s probably another one of these things that are harder than it looks. In this case, because not everyone is well organized. For instance, Howe Gelb and Giant Sand each have at least (as far as I found) three Bandcamp pages/accounts with different contents. No idea why, someone lost the password? In any case Roon would somehow have to deal with such stuff where artists or labels mess things up.

And another license fee to pay in all probability. User access may be free but presumably there are commercial access fees.

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The request is just for a link to the respective artist’s bandcamp page, not integrated streaming. There should be a provision, not a fee … but nowadays things are often not like one would expect.

Roon probably would rely on their metadata providers anyway. musicbrainz collects bc links and if I remember correctly it’s possible to add multiple bc links in mb. Roon could present all.

Who knows with lawyers. I tried reading the license agreement on the bandcamp site but got bored too quickly.

Yeah maybe