Bands as composers

I’ve noticed a number of occasions now where Roon includes band names in Composer in addition to individual band members that were involved in the composition. I’d have thought band names should be eliminated?

This one is tricky, though I do have a ticket for it and am hoping to get onto it soon.

I’m pretty sure I can remove bands safely when all of their members have composer credits, but this essentially restricts any clean-up to bands with static line-ups throughout their history. E.g. U2, Dead Can Dance.

The key question is whether or not I should remove band composer credits when only partial band membership has the same composer credit on a track.

Another question is whether just having a band composer credit on its own is useful at all…

If you have other thoughts on this, I’m open to suggestions. :slight_smile:

Cc: @mike

To me a band name as composer entry has no value. It’s likely more the exception than the rule where all band members have a hand in a composition, and if they all did I’d rather their individual names appear in the composer credits. Where band membership has changed over the years I guess one could try linking membership to time periods and matching that to composition date, albeit easier said than done as I’m guessing metadata is limited in source and variable in quality, and the effort will likely outweigh the benefits.

Re your key question I’d go ahead and remove band names even where you only have a few band members in the composer credit.

I’m not sure there is a ‘one size fits all’ solution to this that meets all scenarios.

For example, I ripped Costello Music by The Fratellis the other day. The CD liner notes state ‘All songs written by the Fratellis’. It doesn’t mention the band member names specifically.

In this case, I have ‘The Fratellis’ against the composer tag. If Roon ignores/removes band names, what would it display in this example?

Also, I’m sure I have seen examples where the writing credits are shown as Band Name + and extra entry for one member of the band. I assume this is done to influence how the royalties are split (so everyone in the band benefits, with one member getting an extra slice)

The individual named members.

If the members are named what have you lost?

Therein lies a problem: we don’t have metadata for who was in a band on a per recording (or even album) basis.

Understood (I’ve seen the mess that AMG has around this where the composer listing you get depends on which version of the track you browse in a band’s discography and have then resorted to Wikipedia and/or discord which seem to do a better job in this dept). Having band name in composer doesn’t add any additional clarity there though. I guess it is what it is.