Bands with "The" first word in Title

This is not a big deal but an area for exploration. I wonder if there are other similar cases.
I first searched for “Wallflowers” and got the following. Note that the earlier result is a direct match to my query. Clicking on that I was taken to a page with a single album and no image (below). I then searched on an album by the band and realized that the correct name was “The Wallflowers.” Using that query, I got the expected results with the full discography etc.

I know the use of “The” is problematic and challenging. Just a thought, could there be a message generated in the results that says - did you mean The xx. I’m sure that there are other ways to approach it. E.G. popularity, plays after search, etc. A thorny problem for minds smarter than me. (BTW Google nails it).

Results for “Wallflowers”

I usually include the word “The” if I know that is part of their name, such as “The Beatles” or “The Dave Clark Five.”

You can find the 2 options in the Artists View and Merge (top RH Corner) them to whichever name you prefer.

It needs an option “Ignore Article / Prefix” to encompass “A, The, Die” etc and probably in all languages . In other software you have this and you can customize to drop for example “Sir” as that’s another where older recordings were before someone was knighted or the honour is simply missed. I personally drop all Sir in my metadata for that reason.

Its actually quite complex because of the multi language thing