Base-line OSX for Roon

I have a Mac Mini running Leopard which doesn’t support Roon. Will upgrading to Snow Leopard support Roon?

Wow, that’s old. No, Snow Leopard will not work.

Mountain Lion or higher.

Cheers, Greg

If that Mini doesn’t support newer OSX versions officially, read up on SFOTT. This helps you install a 64bit OSX on an older 32bit Mac. I successfully installed Mavericks on a 2007 Mini (1.8ghz c2d).
You may also want to use this moment to install an SSD and more RAM, which speeds things up considerably.

Thanks for this but not being confident of performing this task successfully I think my best option is to pick up a higher specced model from eBay. Thanks anyway.

This would probably be less painful in the long run, and provide a better experience.

My old man used to always tell me: “For a buck more you can go first class.” :grin: