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Hi…I know this has been asked before but many of the threads are huge and very complicated. I have just set up a new Nuc with Rock and it is saying I haven’t backed up, which I haven’t. When I go to select a location they isn’t anywhere to set it up. I have a separate Mac Mini, an icloud account or a Onedrive account, or I could add a USB…how should I set up a backup schedule from Rock.

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You have to add either a local directory (in the case of ROCK, an attached USB drive or a networked drive (on your Mini ?) or DropBox.

It’s best if you can backup to more than one location. Don’t backup to a location that is holding your music files as Roon will constantly scan that location for additions to your music.

Roon won’t backup to an icloud drive or OneDrive.

You understand that the Settings==>Backups is just backing up your Roon database and not your music files, right?

Thanks…I’m not entirely sure what it is backing up. I’m not so worried about the music files as I have them all on CD or can download again but it makes me nervous that it keeps asking me…

It isn’t backing up anything, yet.

You need to set some backup locations, as I have done here -

When I get to that screen I have no drives showing…

With my Roon Nucleus, I’ve had perfect success backing up to an attached USB HDD.

you have to add them
screenshots click by click:

Click view:

Click Add
Screenshot 2022-12-27 at 20.08.13

Prefs and click browse

Select locally or Click Add network share

Fill the \ip\folder for backups

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I would use an external HDD and back up daily (keep 99)
And on the mini I would back up weekly (keep 10)

Yes, because (as I and others have replied) you have to add the locations yourself. Roon can’t do that for you…


It backs up the database.

give this a whirl

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I just cannot get any of my shared PCs or Macs to show in the Roon backup set up page. I have 2 PCS, a Mac mini and a MacBook and none of them will show up and I just get a network path error. I can see all the PCs and Macs on all machines, so they are all on the network. I’ve even plugged a USB stick directly into the NUC and that didn’t show up? Thanks

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Check the correct ip and the folder shared

Go in os and right click that folder and check the usernames and apply the sharing for all enclosed files

Use the exact username in roon, pass and workgroup

After many many times of doing this I still get errors often :frowning:

Er - the 2nd internal drive is dedicated to music storage only - it must not be used to hold backups.

And in the case of a nucleus or rock, neither would the 1st drive be any good.

Bottom line is: use a network shared folder, external usb drive or Dropbox. I don’t recommend the latter as I’ve seen and encountered plenty of issues trying to restore from Dropbox.

I used to put Backups out there and one can with safety, if in Settings==>Storage one Disables the default entry for the internal drive and points to their music in a sub-directory on the internal drive and in Settings==>Backups one points to another different sub-directory on the internal drive.

Why? In the days when the Backup logic was so flawed that it would backup a corrupted library, I wanted multiple backup locations and I didn’t have the drives

I did go on to say this -

Yeah, you’re right, I shouldn’t have confused the issue the way I did.

Mea culpa.

Probably doesn’t matter now, but I edited the offending post accordingly.