Basic fast forward and reverse playback control

New to Roon, I can’t understand why basic playback controls aren’t included on any platform: iPhone, iPad or Mac OS.

Scrubbing my track position on my usual listening (BBC Radio 4 and Radio 3 - plays and Classical concerts) is simply too coarse a way to control my usual track length of 60 minutes.

Please can we have simple fast forward and reverse controls to control any track, including skip forward/reverse buttons (say for + or - 20 or 30 seconds). This is not an esoteric request, it is a basic feature of almost every music app I have ever seen!

My Roon solution is now on a QNAP TVS-473 with 36Gb Ram, 20 Gb NAS storage, Samsung 860 EVO 256 Gb cache, feeding Sonos One, Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar, iPhone and iPads

You can tap on the playback bar to go to any position on the track you like. Much more flexible than hard-coded 10 or 20 second jumps

Hi bbrip - yes, I get that entirely but what I’m asking for is just about what every other music player has (in some shape or fashion) eg BBC Sounds which has two 20 seconds skip forwards/back buttons - which I use a lot if the Wife has just interrupted my listening with a question and I want to resume after pausing!

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Hmm every music app? Sorry how about all these very popular ones. Don’t see this feature on those.

Lumin App doesnt have it, Linn App doesnt have it. You just tab on the progress bar and you are where you want to be.

Anything more is redundant and will just clutter the interface. My 2c.

I fully agree with bbrip.

How DARE she!! :smiley:

I would also like traditional fast forward and reverse functions and/or 15-30 second forward and backward jumps. Personally, I cannot see how two extra little triangle buttons would clutter the user interface, but if it bothers people then maybe it could be done by holding down the forward and backwards track skip buttons that are already there, no?


Good idea, AnimalOnDrums.

I should have added earlier "of music apps I use - which wouldn’t include any that don’t use ffwd/reverse!

what are you listening to with 60 minute long tracks? where are you getting this content?

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Hi Danny - thanks for looking at my request.

I live in the UK and so I have access to a vast library of music, plays and spoken word material on the BBC at

Many Classical concerts are available and are anything from 45 minutes to 2.5+ hours long. As they download as a single ‘track’ you can probably see why not having a bookmark or skip forward/back control is very inconvenient.

But long tracks are also frequent on my extensive CD collection of Classical music - the vast majority of which I have yet to put on my QNAP music server.

Plus I suffer from Tinnitus which means that any aural ‘interference’ when I’m listening means I sometimes want to skip back 20 or so seconds to hear what was said [in a radio play, for example]. You can’t do that easily with a slider control.

Can I just say that Roon is an awesome piece of software that can’t be beaten on it’s core delivery of music or metadata management?

It’s just not so good on the small details that would perfect it as a product (in my view).

I also wonder why the iPhone app is so unstable [on my iPhone X] that it will work for about 30 seconds before quitting. Something that prevents me connecting to Amazon Alexa in my rooms which don’t have Roon enabled devices?

Kind regards

Running Roon on QNAP TVS-473e with 32Gb RAM, Sonos speakers, Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar etc.

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I am new here, because very seriously interested in purchasing Nucleus and immerse in ROON world. But for me the separate FF/FR functions are absolutely essential too.

1/ When one wants to listen again to a nice sequence (drum or bass or guitar solo sequence, or the second voices behind…) which was just played in the track, I definitely need to jump back by 5 or 10 seconds. Towing the finger along the progress bar on the small display of a mobile is terribly coarse and incomparable with 1, 2 or 3 clicks on the “<<” icon. Especially in longer tracks. With FF,FR buttons (<<,>>) one could be sure he will move forward/backward by the exact portion of time and it could provide also some kind of a very pleasant “blind operation” without necessity to stare on my fat finger sliding along the progress bar in half of mm to move 5 seconds only.

2/ When one wants to skip too long beginnings of some tracks or annoying passages, then FF (Fast Forward) “>>” button with 5 or 10 seconds skip functionality would be perfectly convenient

I believe I am not the only one to welcome this feature – please, can it be implemented?
Or, in the meantime it was already done?