Basic Questions about Roon settings for MQA and output quality

I’m new here.
Using Tidal !

  1. The Roon Core is in my iMac ( Roon macOS App ),
    I’m using Roon via BlueSound Node part of my Audio kit that’s not near the iMac .
    To use Roon, Do I need to always make Roon macOS App open ? As at first the Roon iOS App didn’t
    find anything until I’ve open my iMac and Roon App.
    I’m using the iOS Roon App for listening.

  2. What’s the highest level of Audio Quality available in the Roon Preferences to choose ?

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That depends on how you feel about MQA. If Tidal is the only service you are using with Roon and you have the Hi-Fi tier then you probably want to select “Treat MQA as better than CD quality,…” which I believe is the default. That should select “hi-res” MQA over MQA CD and FLAC CD (redbook).


Yes - because your Roon Core is part of the “all-in-one” Roon app for MacOS - and your Roon Core needs to be running for Roon Remotes to be able to connect to it.

An alternative approach would be to download and install Roon Server for MacOS, and use that for your Roon Core. The Roon Server will be running in the background as long as your iMac is running, and you would control it using the Roon apps on MacOS and iOS as necessary.

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Thank you !
Is Roon ( based on Tidal) can produce higher Audio quality then Tidal ?
Meaning: to hear the BEST Audio quality, Do you recommend using Roon ?

That is highly subjective and also depends on how you are playing Tidal outside of Roon, but Roon is bit-perfect unless you configure it not to be (i.e. DSP), assuming you are using RAAT and not something more limiting like AirPlay. I apply room correction to everything I playback in Roon (including Tidal “hi-res” MQA) and prefer that over bit-perfect.

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Thank you.
I don’t fully understand. Sorry :disappointed:
I’m using Blusound Node as a streamer (Roon Ready)
The Blusound is connected to my home router by Ethernet cable.
My iPhone is only as a remote.
I have very good Audio kit and want the best option.
I’ll appreciate simple answer as I need to follow your instructions slowly

Thanks again

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