Batch edit/add fav to tracks? [Answered]

Hi all

I seem to not be able to figure this out. Can one mark a bunch of files (tracks) and add the favorite (heart) tag to them at once?

Cant seem to figure how to do so

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I don’t see an obvious way to do this either. This might make a good feature request. @moderators, what do you think?

What’s your problem doing this? Are you trying to do this on a phone (heart not supported)? Are you trying to do this with a selection that probably contains one or more track(s) who’s not in your library?

No problem here on remotes (Desktop, Tablet [landscape UI]) that support this when using tracks from my library.

thx @BlackJack

im on the mac, i select all track (in focus view based on criteria) with ⌘-a, all are marked but then what? if press the heart sign next to a track it just marks that track as favorite. how do i batch favor all the 1200 tracks selected?
im probably missing something really obvious :smiley:



Is there no :black_heart: Favorite option in your menu?

ahh i see its the tiny dot menu, knew i was missing something obvious :smiley:

thx @BlackJack for pointing me in the right direction :slight_smile: