Batch fixing classical box sets

Hi all,

I’m down to 10% of my albums being unidentified - many of these are big box sets. I’ve got two kinds of issues with them and would appreciate some advice for how to fix:

  1. E.g. A recording of the Ring cycle where each disc of each opera is identified separately but not together. What’s the easiest route to fix this. Can I change the actual folder structure into the recommended CD1 / CD2… format and will Roon then automatically reindex? Or do I remove it from the library completely, fix the folder structure and then reimport?

  2. Complete Bach edition currently has ‘Bach Cantatas 1’ as one huge folder containing 30 albums, i.e. 30 track 1s, 30 track 2s etc. Clicking the up and down arrows to rearrange the tracks would take me about three years! Any suggestions for how to sort it out?

Remind me not to use artist / album format in dbPoweramp next time!

Thanks for any help!

Hi again,

I’ve sorted 1) out by using the CD / track grouping tool - all fine now. Would appreciate any help on the second. Is it best to remove the folder completely, change its structure and reimport? Given that box set exists in a few editions, is there any way to know which is best to use?

Since you are using dbPoweramp, could you not use the edit ID tag feature (which can be installed as a shell extension into Windows Explorer) to assign Disc numbers to the tracks? Then rescan the albums to see if Roon can sort it out into separate discs.

If there are 30 discs make sure they are numbered 1of 30, 2 of 30 etc.

Thanks all - very helpful. That should be easy to test out and then see if Roon recognises the box set properly. It’s always tricky with 100+ CDs in one box-set as they’re almost always reissues.

But just to check - there’s no need to take the folder out of Roon first? I can just edit tags and then rescan?

It should be fine. I’m listening to a 3-CD Handel opera at the moment. It was downloaded from Qbuz, and came with all three CDs shoved into one folder. Fortunately, Qobuz used the Disc number tag, and Roon has separated it back into 3 discs.