Battery powered RPi with Display

Hi all

I’m having a number of head-less streamers in my household, and I just discovered that a RPi + 7" display + Ropieee makes for a great headunit for these head-less streamers. So essentially I’m using the RPi combo as a Roon remote with a display to play/pause, control volume etc.

The headunit typically resides next to my Hegel amp in my livingroom. But during the day I like to take the headunit to my working-from-home office to control the stream I have at the office. Now to my question: is there any way that I can power the headunit from a battery HAT, so the headunit can run on battery while at the office, and then automatically get recharged when in the livingroom and connected to power?

Thanks in advance

There are hats available with larger capacity batteries too

You could also use a battery bank - something from Anker for example

The advantage of a hat is that you can program the pi to gracefully shut down when the power runs out in the battery