BBC 6 Music metadata issues

The BBC 6 Music metadata doesn’t seem to update regularly and gets stuck. Only way to kick it off again is to stop the stream and start it again. Anyone else notice this?

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Hi @Simon_Arnold3 ,

Which streaming link are you using to test this?

Highest rate one it would have been, still did it last time I used it which was some time ago. It works for a bit then stops updating.

I’ve seen this behaviour on iOS remotes: more than often metadata stops updating for Live Radio streams, or metadata display is delayed by tens of seconds. Restarting the remote or restarting the stream fixes the issue, “forcing” a reconnection to Roon server. This is not specific to BBC Radio 6, maybe only for Live Radios using METADATA SERVICE (not sure) ?

If you want to run some tests, live metadata for BBC Radio 6 is available here This should be in sync with data available in Roon by design.

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